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We have the following equipment onsite:

3 Walter CNC Grinder's
9 Tool and Cutter Grinder's
Mitsubishi Wire EDM
Surface Grinder
7' Broach Grinder
Oliver Drill Grinder
Winslow Drill Grinder
Cincinnati # 2 Centerless Grinder
Mill and Lathe

We can grind to exact tooth geometries

Equalizing chip load is critical for top performance and that's why we grind all the latest high tech geometries. Variable helix, variable rake, variable core: all are possible using our advanced CNC equipment. We can even create highly customized end mill geometries for your own specialized applications. Using our optimal proceedures, we remove less metal during the sharpening process, greatly extending the life of your tools. With flood cooling to prevent thermal damage and CNC micro finishes, your tools will last twice as long as manually sharpened tools.

Everything you need to manufacture and recondition your tools

Wire EDM
CNC Ground Special Tools
CNC Sharpening of End Mills
Circular Form Tools
Straight Form Tools
Multi-Step Drills and Reamers
Carbide and High Speed Steel Tools
Dovetail Form Tools
Complete Regrind Services
Centerless Grinding
PVD Coating Available